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Copy Trade 
while you sleep.

Automate your trading with AI driven trading algorithms. We offer you easy access to sustainable crypto trading strategies. 

Start growing your crypto investment on autopilot with full transparency and control.


How To Get Started

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1.  Setup a Crypto Exchange Account

2.  Sign Up to Astrabit

4.  Setup a Trading Bot

3.  Subscribe to the G CODE Strategy

5. Connect your Exchange

6. Trade Hands Free

Choose your preferred exchange and deposit your trading funds.  

Create your account to start using our strategies on AstraBit for free*

Automate your trading with our AI driven trading algorithms and purchase your preferred G CODE strategy.

Copy the instructions for your pre-programmed risk management.

Link your crypto exchange to AstraBit. 

Receive FREE credit whenever you trade from your AstraBit affiliated account. 


Point of

The Developer sweeps the algorithm regularly to make sure the Bots' strategy and all of the users are using the most profitable settings for the current market conditions. 


The G CODE Trading Bot code doesn't get stuck looking left for too long. 

Crypto Trading Bots & Indicators | The G Code Algo

Our Partnership

Simple. Secure. Flexible.
Web-Based Digital Asset Trading & Staking.

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Powerfully Simple.

All-in-One: AstraBit is your comprehensive solution for managing your digital asset trading and staking across both CEX and DEX exchanges.

Engage in both automated and manual trading, leverage our professional algorithm for market trend predictions and utilise our copy trading services to trade along with professional traders. 

AstraBit works for you 24/7. Their web-based platform means NO installation or downloads!

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