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See for yourself just how powerful our Trading Bots are in the current market.

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Key Metrics

Our Key Metrics against the broader financial market.


Average Monthly Profit


We publicly verify our trades via the US platform AstraBit. Since inception our Best Month was April (+7.95%) and our Worst Month was November  (-1.86%) combined across our 7 bots.


Sharpe Ratio

A Sharpe Ratio over 1 is considered good as it suggests that the investment or strategy is generating positive risk-adjusted returns. A Sharpe Ratio above 2 is considered very good, and over 3 is exceptional.


Portfolio Returns at 1x

Diversifying across the full portfolio of trading bots (via Full Suite) has seen a return of +31.65% from 2,080 trades as of Nov 16 2023. Our best trading bot has a return of +67.32%.

2,080 live trades to date

Fully Automated as our Bots operate 24/7 across 7 different crypto assets. 

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