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Trading Indicators

Trading just got a whole lot easier.


The G CODE Trading Indicators are the only TradingView Indicators you will ever need. It is the all-in-one most proven set of trading instruments for traders on TradingView built from 10+ years of personal trading experience.

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Trend Candles

These trend coloured candlesticks can be very strong indicators that cut out the noise and let the trader focus on the greater trend. They combine 10 different technical analysis indicators that have all been fine tuned and smoothed for optimal analysis and trading performance. When all of the indicators converge, the trend forms which allows the trader to easily analyse, isolate, and anticipate entry points.

Crypto Trading Bots & Indicators | The G Code Algo


Support & Resistance Lines

Trading S&R lines is a common strategy to use on the hourly timeframe and below. The G CODE automatically calculates these horizontal lines of support and resistance for you - provide you regular opportunities to enter the market in either direction. Our S&R lines also have a live action % from the current price for you to easily set your targets when executing a trade. 

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Buy & Sell Volume Detection

Using these very simple volume detection indictors will allow you to quickly see when the buying and selling pressure is easing. This indicator will show you where dips and tops are starting to form - and when combined with the other indicators in the G CODE suite you'll be able to trade a new price trend early and with confidence. 

Crypto Trading Bots & Indicators | The G Code Algo
Crypto Trading Bots & Indicators | The G Code Algo



Supertrend Channel

Risk Management

This indicator is a useful tool when it comes to visualising past underlying trends in the price and can make the process of using other drawing tools easier. As this indicator is automatically calculated for you, you will easily see where the price deviates from a maximum/minimum point - ultimately, connecting local tops and dips.

If you don’t like the unpredictability of using a Trailing Stop Loss or using the Support & Resistance levels to manage your upside and downside risk - then having a Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit limit might be right for you. The G CODE has automatically calculated floating Targets 1, 2 and 3 prices on the chart. This is extremely helpful when you are entering a trade quickly - giving you one less thing to think about. 

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This indicator is a forward looking trading indicator based on the Correlation Coefficient: statistics to measure the correlation between two sets of data. To assist trading decisions, this indicator looks back at previous price action to determine the most likely route forward. When both A and B paths align you'll have confidence in the direction to come.

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Liquidity Heat Map

This indicator paints a very clear supply and demand area across your entire chart where historical volume has entered. These areas of liquidity will guide you in your profit taking and allows you to determine the strength of a breakout or a breakdown in the price. These areas on your charts will be sections where the price will have a challenge to pass through.

Crypto Trading Bots & Indicators | The G Code Algo
Crypto Trading Bots & Indicators | The G Code Algo


Trend Reversal Indicator


Open Interest Oscillator

Using multiple trend divergence indicators, the G CODE will signal a change in price momentum, before the chart observes a change in price action. You can consider this as an early caution signal. It will easily assist you to detect likely price reversals. When these divergence signals paint and the price has an intersection with the S&R lines, it can multiply the confirmation of a new trend.

Using Open Interest in combination with the Price and the Volume allows you to make an informed decision before taking a LONG or SHORT trade. This Open Interest Oscillator will allow you to gauge the strength of any market trend allowing you to Enter or Exit with confidence. Look before you leap.

Crypto Trading Bots & Indicators | The G Code Algo
Crypto Trading Bots & Indicators | The G Code Algo



Volatility Warning

Previous Market Ranges

These indicators can help identify periods of price consolidation or range-bound trading. During such periods, the Purple Crosses anticipate a looming breakout in the price - whether it be up or down. This indicator can be used in combination with the other indicators in the G CODE suite to determine the most probable direction of the incoming price move. During this period of trading traders would be best to wait until confirmation of the next move in price is shown. 

Traders often employ breakout strategies, aiming to enter trades when the price breaks above a previous high or below a previous low. Breakouts at these previous levels can signal potential shifts in market sentiment, leading to strong price moves. By monitoring previous high and low points, traders can identify potential breakout levels and plan their entry and exit points accordingly.

While using the G CODE Trading Indicators can provide useful information, they should be used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and risk management techniques - some from our own suite of indicators and also with your own trading strategy. Market conditions can change, and relying solely on predetermined technical analysis tools like the G CODE may not always yield accurate predictions. Traders often combine multiple indicators and analysis methods to increase the probability of successful trades.

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