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Trade with purpose.

Start trading better today! Choose from our two powerful trading tools and trade like a professional:

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Is this for you?

What type of trader are you?

Beginner traders often use Trading Indicators as a starting point to understand how to read charts and identify trends in the market. They rely on their chosen indicators to make their trading decisions.

Once beginner traders have built an understanding of price action and they become confident in how they read and analyse charts, they start to automate their trading via Trading Bots to compliment their own manual trading. 

Buy Bot

The G Code Algo
Trading Bot

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Trade 24/7, Handsfree.

Automate your trading and make your money work for you. 


The G Code Algo
Trading Indicators

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Execute your trades
with confidence!

Use our suite of TradingView Indicators to guide your own day trading.

Join the

The G Code Algo Crypto Trading Bot is proven to create passive income through automatically trading crypto for you at the most profitable times.

Surround yourself with traders from all backgrounds and experience and accelerate your learning. 

See for yourself how strong The G Code Algo trading community is and what subscribers are saying about the Indicators and the Trading Bot. 


Global Economic Calendar

Stay across all high impact economic events from across the world to ensure your trading strategy is aligned with global news.

Developed in Australia.
Adopted by the world.

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Trade Smarter

Use our trading tools that analyse 100s of data points within seconds.

10,000+ Hours

We are continuously improving the performance and UX of our tools.

Developer Support

You'll have support 24/7 from The G Code Algo team and the community.

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