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We build powerful trading algorithms so you can trade smarter.

The G Code TradingView Indicator is the Best TradingView Indicator ​with Buy & Sell Signals for Crypto, Stocks & Forex Trading.

What We Offer


The Co-Founders behind The G Code Algo have each been trading for 10+ years across stocks and crypto. 

The Algorithm

The underlying code of The G Code Algo interprets 100s of data points in the market faster than any individual.

Australian Owned

The lead developer is Brisbane based with international networks across institutional funds, law and tech.

Discord Community

Surround yourself with traders from all experience levels to accelerate your learning in our community.

Cloud Storage

The G Code Algo's codes are stored within TradingView's platform giving you 24/7 access without manual input. 

Trading eBook

Learn about technical analysis to become a smarter trader, and find satisfaction in your own strategies.

Buy Bot

The G Code Algo
Trading Bot

Automated 2022 Profits so far..

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Trade 24/7, Handsfree.

Automate your trades for passive income in any market.


The G Code Algo
Trading Signals

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- Your Trading Discipline is programmed into the algorithm

- The algorithm ignores your Emotional Influence

- An advanced Trading Strategy is already inbuilt for you

- Price Action is analysed within seconds

- Supply and Demand is automatically calculated

- Support and Resistance is updated every price move

- RSI, Oscillators and the Money Flow Index is coded in

- Recommended Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels are live

- A Trailing Stop Loss Line and Price on each candlestick

- Your Stop Loss Strategy is calculated before you trade

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BEST TradingView Signals!

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Community on Discord

The G Code Algo Crypto Trading Bot is proven to create passive income through automatically trading crypto for you at the most profitable times.

Surround yourself with traders from all backgrounds and experience and accelerate your learning. 

See for yourself how strong The G Code Algo trading community is and what subscribers are saying about the Indicator and the Trading Bot. 


Global Economic Calendar

Stay across all high impact economic events from across the world to ensure your trading strategy is aligned with global news.

Developed in Australia.
Built for the world.

The G Code TradingView Indicator is the Best TradingView Indicator with Buy & Sell Signals for Crypto, Stocks & Forex Trading.  

Trade Smarter

Signals painted on your TradingView chart in realtime so you can trade quicker.

1000+ Hours

Continuously improving the code to ensure maximum profitability is achieved.

Developer Support

You'll have support 24/7 directly

from the Developer: Pablo


The G Code Algo and all Subsidiaries of the 'Business' disclose that there are risks associated with investing and trading all financial markets and involve risk of loss. Loss of principal is possible. Some high risk investments may use leverage, which will accentuate gains and losses. Investing and trading all financial markets involves special risks including greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks. Historical performance and results do NOT guarantee future returns. Trading in financial instruments, and in particular Digital Assets, is speculative and involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for Users who can bear any possible substantial losses. Read the full Disclaimer here.

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