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81.58% of all trades are profitable!

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Trading Bot
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Passive Income through Automated Crypto Trading

The G Code
Crypto Trading Bot

Time is your friend, impulse is your enemy. Take advantage of compound interest [stacking small profits] and don't be captivated by the [hype] of the market."

Warren Buffet

Everything you've been looking for - in one advanced trading tool.

The underlying algorithm behind The G Code: Crypto Trading Bot has the capacity to process market data at a significantly faster rate than any individual. Essentially, interpreting the information on your chart within a matter of seconds on your behalf.

1. Your Trading Discipline is programmed in
2. Ignores your Emotional Influence
3. Trading Strategy is built for you
4. Trades executed within seconds

5. Your Risk Management coded in

Profits Trading BTC in 2022

*Updated: 7 Sep 2022 from the 1H Bot Strategy

Net Profit:                                   +304.53%

Number of Trades:                  128

Average Trade:                         +0.37%

Average Monthly Return:     +36.91%

Profit Factor:                             1.949

Win Rate:                                     89.84%

**Past Performance is not an Indication of Future Results. Leverage of 10x was used. There can be no assurance that The G Code: Crypto Trading Bot will achieve the same results in the future as it has in the past. 

The G Code TradingView Indicator is the Best TradingView Indicator ​with Buy & Sell Signals for Crypto, Stocks & Forex Trading.

The MOST Profitable Strategy

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The most PROFITABLE Bot Trading Strategy for our members is from the 20 Minute Bitcoin Perpetual Chart via the exchange OKX:

1. Starting in Jan 2022 with initial capital of $500

2. Use our Take Profit and Stop Loss Strategy

3. Using a MAX leverage of 20x 

As of the 16th of September 2022 you now have $27,803.52.

$500 to $27,803.52 in 9 months and all you did was watch!

Click the PROFIT button to see our full profit gallery..

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You can easily add The G Code: Crypto Trading Bot to you TradingView chart to automate your crypto trading at the most profitable times.

$600 one-off payment for lifetime access with a support and upgrades.

Automate your Crypto Trading for Passive Income Now!

Supported by most of the major
cryptocurrency exchanges.

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