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Trade in your 

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Automate your crypto trading for passive income in a Bull, Bear or Sideways market.

The G Code Algo Trading Bot has market leading, highly customisable features that users can control.

If you become a 
Direct Access members, you get the TradingView Strategy on your own chart. You can then using the customisable features and find profitable Trading Bots on any crypto, on any timeframe.

One Price. Unlimited Use.

Everything you've been looking for - in one advanced trading tool.

The underlying algorithm behind The G Code Algo Trading Bot has the capacity to process market data at a significantly faster rate than any individual. Essentially, interpreting the information on your chart within a matter of seconds on your behalf.

1. Your Trading Discipline is programmed in
2. Ignores your
Emotional Influence
3. Trading Strategy is built for you
4. Trades
executed within milliseconds

5. Your Risk Management coded in

The G Code TradingView Indicator is the Best TradingView Indicator ​with Buy & Sell Signals for Crypto, Stocks & Forex Trading.
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$500 to $27,803.52 in 9 months and all you did
was watch!

Point of

NOT a Fun Fact: Market conditions change.


Financial markets can be Bullish, Bearish, Flat or even Volatile due to Institutional Manipulation. This is where other Trading Bots fail! Their strategies are stagnant. The old codes are built for just one market condition OR at the very best it's averaged out to trade them all with varied degrees of success. 

This is NOT  The G Code: Crypto Trading Bot.  The Developer sweeps the algorithm regularly to make sure the Bots' strategy - and all of the traders - are using is the most profitable strategies for the current market conditions. 


The G Code Algo Trading Bot code doesn't get stuck looking left for too long. 

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1. Monthly Subscription

The G Code Algo Trading Bots are hosted on Astrabit

via Astrabit

US$45 per month forThe G Code Algo Trading Bot Automated Strategy your choose and $24.99 for the Astrabit bot technology.

2. Direct Access

Use The G Code Algo directly on your TradingView Chart

via Stripe

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US$2,000 for UNLIMITED access to The G Code Algo Trading Bot Automated Strategy directly on your TradingView chart for life.