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Trade 24/7,

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Automate your Crypto, Stock Forex or Index trading for passive income in a Bull, Bear or Sideways market.

The G Code Algo Trading Bot has market leading, highly customisable features that allows users to control their own Entry and Exit conditions.

If you choose to become a 
Direct Access member, you get the TradingView Strategy on your own chart. You can use the customisable features and find profitable Trading Bot Strategies on any chart.

Direct Access: One Price.
Unlimited Use.

Everything you've been looking for - in one advanced trading tool.

The underlying algorithm behind The G Code Algo Trading Bot has the capacity to process market data at a significantly faster rate than any individual. Essentially, interpreting the information on your chart within a matter of seconds on your behalf.

1. Your Trading Discipline is programmed in
2. Ignores your
Emotional Influence
3. Trading Strategy is built for you
4. Trades
executed within milliseconds

5. Your Risk Management coded in

The G Code TradingView Indicator is the Best TradingView Indicator ​with Buy & Sell Signals for Crypto, Stocks & Forex Trading.

What You Get

Customise The G Code Algo on your own TradingView chart to find 100s of Bot Strategies!

Don't Trust. Verify. 



Customise the Leverage on The G Code Algo TradingView Strategy so your backtesting reflects accurate profits and drawdowns as they would be in real time. 


Use our market leading feature: Level. 

Changing this input edits a string of code that includes Multi Timeframe Analysis and a 'Delay' function to ensure that there is maximum confirmation before any trade is executed. The 'Level' feature allows you to find a profitable trading bot strategy on any asset, on any time frame. 


It is your choice whether you want your trading bot strategy to trade Long, Short or Both. On each of these features you can control your own risk management by setting the Stop Loss and Take Profit for each direction.


The G Code Algo team use TradingView Hub's Chrome extension to sweep their own risk management settings to ensure the most profitable parameters are set. This also allows you to ensure your trading bot strategy is up-to-date with the current market conditions as per our 'Point of Difference'.



Control the Backtest Lookback Period to see how your trading bot strategy traded in previous market conditions. Then, use this data to then refine your own trading bot's settings and continue to ensure it is at the most profitable setting for any market. 


Simply enter your own Custom Alert Messages into the settings on TradingView which will then embed them directly into The G Code Algo's code. 

This means you can use The G Code Algo for Crypto, Stocks, Indices or FOREX trading bot strategies that you find. You have the choice on which bot provider to use which will convert The G Code Algo signals into trades and into your exchange within seconds. 

The G Code Algo team use 
WunderTrading for their own crypto bots.


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Point of

NOT a Fun Fact:

Market conditions change.


Financial markets can be Bullish, Bearish, Flat or even Volatile due to Institutional Manipulation. This is where other Trading Bots fail! Their strategies are stagnant. The old codes are built for just one market condition OR at the very best it's averaged out to trade them all with varied degrees of success. 

The Developer sweeps the algorithm regularly to make sure the Bots' strategy - and all of the traders - are using the most profitable strategies for the current market conditions. 


The G Code Algo Trading Bot code doesn't get stuck looking left for too long. 

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Compounding Profits since January, 2022

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Customise The G Code Algo on your own TradingView chart to find 100s of Bot Strategies!

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US$69 per month for unlimited access to control any of The G Code Algo Trading Bot Automated TradingView Strategies directly on your own chart.

US$2,000 for unlimited, lifetime access to control any of The G Code Algo Trading Bot Automated TradingView Strategies directly on your own chart. Pay via Crypto Here

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