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About Us

Scared Money Don't Make Money.

The G Code Trading Algorithm was developed out of a simple philosophy: do more with less.

When it comes to trading, the more indicators and the more screens and the more charts does not mean more profits. This will lead to over analysis and your mindset will be clouded with opposing signals. 

Our advanced trading indicator gives you the information you need on your chart in a clean visual delivery. 

You can execute your trades with confidence, without the bullshxt. 

Meet The Team

Our Story


For the better part of 10 years, Pablo has been working on various community and social enterprises in a variety of teams across Australia, holding a number of entry level and senior board level positions. 


Pablo's professional networks extend from Australia into the UK, Europe, South East Asia and the more recently the US - where Pablo has adopted best practice from a range of different industries. This "education" in how to deliver and execute a strategy both on the street, or in the boardroom, has helped Pablo see opportunities where few have acknowledged - and have the acumen to communicate this across all communities. 

The next generation of financial traders will be led by Pablo and his team in how they navigate the ever changing world of global markets. By using The G Code Algo: TradingView Indicator and joining the Discord community - everyone will be put in good stead for their futures trading any market.  


Location: Brisbane, Australia 


A professional with a highly sought after business acumen in risk governance, Gustavo has found a passion in community development and working alongside Government and NGOs in education, youth justice and social risk. 

Gustavo's work has seen him travel internationally across Europe, South East Asian and throughout Australia. Gustavo has contributed to many published works on social risk and governance with corporate-community relationships between multinational resource companies and the local communities in which they operate. It is with this experience and knowledge, and interest in decentralised financial opportunities for regional and remote communities, that Gustavo has been put in charge of The G Code Algo community.

Location: Cairns, Australia

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